How to Play Mini Militia – How to Play Mini Militia on PC

Are you Confuse How to play Mini Militia? Don’t worry In this post we will show you what is this, and how to play mini militia and also how to play mini militia on PC.

Doodle Army 2 is an addictive Android game that enables you to sponsor 6 online gamers or 1-2 local gamers using the local system to play and fight with each other. There are various guns and weapons available during the struggle, making it possible to use all possible means to control your enemy (friends), to provide a bright and tough environment to build your courage. If you like the military, army and sometimes shooting games, then Mini Militia can be your best game. The game is now popular for an incredibly young time in the early teens and later for adults. To be specific, this is a very popular game that is currently being played with college students and office-led employees.


Appsomniacs LLC developed this genius game and publish it in the play store. And it’s a totally free game. In addition, they developed Doodle Army Boot-camp and also the Doodle Army.

App Requirements

Android Version: 3.0 or above

GPS: GPS is the most required if you play and connect to the nearest server. (Optional)

Sound: For the Best Experience

Wi-Fi: WiFi is important if you want to connect your device with other nearby devices.

How to Download Mini Militia

The game is easy to download from the Google Play Store. Search this keyword: “Mini Militia” or by clicking here.

  • In the beginning of the game, the avatar lands from the sky safely with a secondary gun and few side shots such as grenades. You and your competitor play the game for almost 6 ½ Minutes. In that period, all you must do is kill as many competitors as possible.
  • The simple Controls are as follows:
  • You can reload the gun by tapping the ammo button. That is placed on the upper right corner of the screen
  • The zooming capacity of gun shows with an upper-right corner button. You can see long-range for snipers and shorter-range for the pistol.
  • Flying capacity (blue color) and remaining health (pink color) shows with the upper-middle bar button.
  • The movement of avatar control with a circular button that is placed lower-left of the screen.

Getting Started

Now we come to the best part: Playing the game.

How to play mini militia

This game has different three modes of play:

  • Solo Play
  • Quick Play
  • Multiplayer with LAN Wi-Fi

1) Solo Play in Mini Militia

In Solo Play, You will see two different options: Training and Survival. Before going for Quick Play or Multiplayer, you can train yourself with this option.

a) Training

You will get training on this option with Coach Sarge. You will be trained with all the basic controls. Weapon training will also be trained.

b) Survival

You will start to fight the enemies available in this survival option after the training session. Coach Sarge will help you in training. Once you are ready, start to Quick Play and Multiplayer.

2) Quick Play

  1. Connect your device to the internet.
  2. Select Server
  3. Everyone need to tap: Ready
  4. Choose Map
  5. Select your Team (Optional)
  6. Countdown Starts
  7. Play!
  8. Kill as all enemies if you want to win the game.

After some time, the overall score and kills will be shown on your screen.

3) Multiplayer in Mini Militia

Follow these steps to play the game in Multiplayer mode.

  1. Create a Wifi Hotspot
  2. Request your buddies to connect their devices to it
  3. Open the Mini militia app
  4. Choose Multiplayer
  5. Select LAN WIFI
  6. Choose Death Match.
  7. Select the host option
  8. Choose the preferred Map/location
  9. Wait for your buddies to join the game
  10. Once everyone is ready the game will begin.

You can play with your mates or just play solo.

Guns and Weapons

These Guns and weapons are available in Mini Militia:

  • Uzi
  • Desert Eagle
  • Magnum
  • AK47
  • MP5
  • M14
  • M4
  • Shotgun
  • SMAW
  • M93BA
  • Machete
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenades

Also, a power boost, riot shield, and health pack are available.

Avatar Customization

Customize your Avatar in Mini Militia:

  1. Go to “Game Settings”
  2. Click on Avatar
  3. Now you will see the customizing page
  4. You can now rename your avatar with a name of that you like
  5. Select the Customize button available below to get the characters
  6. You will end up with the editing page
  7. Here you can set up the avatar of your interest
  8. Once done click on save.

Mini-Militia Ranks

With the kill and score with experience, you will increase the number of ranks.

Mini-Militia Badges

According to your ranks, Mini Militia badges also increase.

How to Play Mini Militia on PC

Playing Mini Militia on PC is not difficult. It’s time taking process because the software required to run on the PC is above 400 MBs minimum. Otherwise, there is not any difficult method. The software we’re talking about is an Android emulator. It is so accessible for running Android apps and games on pc.

When the point of discussion comes to the choice of Android emulators, we always recommend BlueStacks and Nox. BlueStacks emulator and Nox App Player are one of the best Android emulators for Windows. By using anybody these emulators, we can play mini militia on pc online free.

These are 2 Android emulators that we can use.

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Nox App Player

1. Download Mini Militia Through the Blue Stacks Emulator:

Mini Militia for PC


  1. Download Blue Stacks link is given below
  2. Install it on your pc
  3. Open the BlueStacks software and search “Mini Militia,” then hit the Enter button.
  4. Now install the game
  5. Then double-tap on it. The game will start on your pc.
  6. Congratulations! Now you can play this game on your pc and enjoy it!


2. Play Mini Militia Through the Andy Emulator:

Play Mini Militia Through the Andy Emulator

  1. Download Andy Emulator.
  2. Install it on your pc
  3. Open the andy emulator and in the search bar type as “Mini Militia,” then hit Enter button.
  4. Now install the game.
  5. Then double-tap on it. The game will start on your pc.
  6. Congratulations! Now you can play this game on your pc and enjoy it!


Thanks for Reading.